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We strive to make our families and visitors feel comfortable while paying respects to their lost loved ones, and we make considerable efforts to maintain our focus on the high standards expected of a place of tribute.
Our Visión is to be the premier funeral service provider in Eagle Pass,
serving families with locations in Uvalde, Del Rio, Cristal City, Quemado, and El Indio Texas.


Three generations. Four funeral homes. Two communities...

Memorial Funeral Chapels is a family-owned and operated funeral home with over sixty years of experience helping people through one of the most difficult events of all, the loss of a loved one.

All of our conveniently-located chapels are restful, serene places for family friends to gather for remembering and commemorating their loss.

Our mission is to dedicate ourselves to your comfort, to honor your traditions and to assure that we handle the loss of your loved one with the respect, dignity, and professional care they deserve.

Memorial Funeral Chapels is here to help you through the most difficult time in your family’s life. We are here to celebrate and remember the journey through their most precious life.

We help every family, regardless of their situation, to provide a funeral or cremation services that brings closure.

Grief & Healing

It might help to know that you are not alone during this difficult time. Whether you need support, advice, or just someone to talk to, we're here for you 24 hours a day...

Funeral Planning

Naturally, people turn to us every day to assist them in planning a funeral. Sometimes it’s because a loved one has recently died, and their need is immediate. Other times, they turn to us because they wish to talk to us about funeral pre-planning...